Radon Mitigation Contractor

​We are the Radon Gas Removal Experts of Sante Fe and all of Northern New Mexico.

We serve Homeowners, Builders, and Realtors, with Radon Mitigation, Radon Testing, Safety and Efficiency services.

Licensed NRPP # 107838 RT, 107839 RMT

Radon Gas facts
Radon Testing and Mitigation Standards

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Exterior System tucked away on a 100 plus year old home on a stone foundation downtown Santa Fe.

City of Santa Fe requires Radon Mitigation systems on all new construction - We provide expert installation or expert advice and materials to builders.

Partial subterranean solar home in Taos

Crawl Space Encapsulation with 15 mil Stego vapor barrier and term bar fastening system. Radon removed by sub-membrane depressurization and the fan also dehumidifies.