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We are your trusted source for radon mitigation and testing in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.

Radon Pro of New Mexico, LLC is commited to the Health and Safety of all New Mexicans and Improving Property with Professional Diagnostics
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Radon Testing

Do you live in or near Santa Fe New Mexico and need a Radon Test?  We can help!

Radon Mitigation

Do you have a high radon level in New Mexico?  Give us a call!  We guarantee safe radon levels after mitigation!

We're Here To Save Lives and Improve Property Value

We serve Homeowners, Builders, and Realtors, with Radon Mitigation, Radon Testing, Safety and Efficiency services.

Paul is responsive and on-time for appointments. His expertise on the complex and often scary subject of Radon is unsurpassed in my experience. Radon Pro is a one-stop shop for testing, mitigation estimate and system installation.


Great company. They do outstanding work and conduct themselves with the utmost integrity. An excellent choice to make your home safe from radon!


Radon Pro is an excellent company. They came, were professional and did an expert job on our house in Taos County. I would highly recommend them to anyone with elevated radon levels in their home..


Don't take chances. Get tested today

Radon Gas is a natural occuring, odorless, colorless, tasteless, radioactive gas that is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the United States behind cigarette smoking.


First, get your home tested.  If you see your neighbors with radon systems, your area might have a radon problem.   However, the house next door can have safe radon levels and your home could be an unsafe level!  Get your home tested every few years, even if you’ve had passing tests.  


If your home tests above 2.7, the World Health Organization says you should have a radon system installed.   How your home is mitigated matters.   The location of the system, and how its evacuated from your home matters.   We guarantee a successful result, and we work hard to make your radon system blend into your home’s exterior as best we can!


After your radon system is installed, you can relax and breathe better knowing that you and your family are safe from deadly radon gas!

We’ll show you how to monitor your system to make sure it’s working, and still encourage you to have periodic radon tests just to make sure nothing changes with your system.

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