Radon Pro New Mexico

We are the Radon Gas Removal Experts of Sante Fe and all of Northern New Mexico.

Radon Mitigation

Do you have a high radon level in your home?   We can help.   We will create a plan to lower your radon levels to the safest level possible.

Not all radon mitigation companies are the same.  We work hard to build a system that blends in well with your home, as well as taking the time to get to the root of your radon problem.  

Don’t just install a system because you have to!  Get a radon system installed that is designed for YOUR home for the New Mexico Radon Pro! 

Radon Testing

All of New Mexico has significantly high radon levels.   The World Health Organization has stated that you should take action to mitigate your home if your levels are above 2.6pc/l.  

How safe is the air your family is breathing?   We will come and test your home to give you an accurate reading of the radon levels in your home.  

We recommend testing after a radon system is installed as well.   Don’t just take the radon mitigator’s word that the radon levels have decreased.  Get a test to prove it!